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Your local partner for your organization and digitalization projects


For several years, we have been focusing our activities on specialized services particularly in Banking, Retail and the Watchmaking Industry.

As a local partner, 2m Conseils provides specific consulting and excellent skills in IT or organization project management, as well as an expertise in training.

Such a diversified approach enables efficient and complete customer support from the beginning to the end of the missions we have been entrusted with. In this way we guarantee achieved objectives.

Our assets

  • Attention to our customers
  • Understanding of their needs
  • Bringing simple, efficient and useful solutions
  • A global vision of the customer’s needs
  • Careful and quality services


The success of any project relies mainly on an understanding of the client’s business needs and a thorough analysis of the current situation.

For that, 2m Conseils accompanies its customers in their reflections by bringing them its global vision and its broad business knowledge.

We also share with our clients the vast experience we have acquired through our various other mandates.

In order to guarantee an excellent start in reaching objectives and defining strategic projects, we ensure a close collaboration based on active listening and permanent availability.

Project management

Sticking to the objectives regarding budget, quality, technique, individuals and deadlines, 2m Conseils offers its customers the management of their various strategic projects.

Because 2m Conseils masters the basis of project management, we work with pragmatism and method to achieve the objectives.

In a most often complicated working environment we motivate and lead the teams to the expected results through the distribution of accurate objectives, clear planning of tasks and active communication.

In order to successfully finalize a project, 2m Conseils does a regular follow up and provides periodically a precise update to its customers.


A project has to be recognized by its final users in order to be successfully completed. As a result, their involvement from the beginning of change process is of prime importance.

To do so, first and foremost, together with the management team, we need to work out a precise analysis specifying training requirements.

This will enable us to draw up a continuous training program adapted to each collaborator. It will also help to define teaching aids and implement users’ final training courses.


Founded in 2005 and based in Bienne in the heart of the Seeland, 2m Conseils is a service company specialized in organization and information systems.

2m Conseils has developed experience and know-how in project management and process owner. As a result, 2m Conseils provides high quality professional support and work methods to meet its customers’ objectives.

As your local partner, 2m Conseils works with a strong sense of integrity and discretion to the missions it has been entrusted with.


Company principles

  • Customer relationship built on trust
  • Full commitment to customers’ needs
  • Actions turned towards customers and results
  • A vision really focused on the customers
  • A team of highly qualified consultants
  • Respect of company ethics
  • Unfailing confidentiality


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